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What Are The Different Types of Vehicle Fluid Leaks

Since your vehicle relies on various fluids to function, you're bound to experience a leak at one point or another. Some fluid leaks are more troublesome than others, but overall, leaks are never a good sign. Here are some of the different vehicle fluids that your car may leak:


Coolant Leak - 

Coolant puddles tend to be bright green, orange, or pink. Leaking coolant would be considered normal for old cars, but modern vehicles are better designed to prevent leaks. Your automobile may be facing a mechanical issue if there is coolant leaking.


Oil Leak -

A black puddle or stain is usually the top symptom of an oil leak. Oil leaks occur around the oil pan and in gaskets that are located in the engine. If an oil leak transpires and puddles under your car, it means that your gasket has an issue and must be inspected by a professional.


Transmission Fluid Leak -

Transmission fluid leaks leave a pink-ish red puddle or stain under your car. It is essential to have your car's transmission inspected and studied to determine if you need a replacement in this circumstance. Transmission services are not cheap.


Gear Oil Leak -

If you have a thick glob seeping out of your car, it is a sign of a gear oil leak that has occurred from a damaged gasket and/or transmission. A goopy substance usually sticks to the side of the car instead of leaving a pool. 


Power Steering Fluid Leak -

If the puddle contains a solution that smells comparable to transmission fluid, it is most likely the power steering fluid. This liquid can escape from the engine bay and is an indicator that your vehicle steering is compromised.


Brake Fluid Leak -

Brake fluid is often seen as a bright color with a fishy smell. If you catch this near your car, brace yourself for some brake issues. It is detrimental to have your braking system checked out ASAP.


Wiper Fluid Leak -

Wiper fluid is often a translucent blue or pink color. These leaks typically happen when the wiper tubes are damaged.


Hopefully, you do not have to come across all of these leaks in your lifetime. If you wake up to find puddles near your car, feel free to come by KAMS Auto Service Center so our team can take a look. 

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