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Monthly Archives: July 2023

Can Coolant Evaporate When It's Hot Outside?

Can Coolant Evaporate When It's Hot Outside?

As the summer sun beats down, temperatures soar, and the asphalt radiates heat, your car's cooling system becomes an unsung hero, keeping the engine at the right operating temperature. But have you ever wondered if coolant can evaporate under the scorching summer heat? Let's unveil the mystery of coolant evaporation and explore what you can do to ensure your vehicle stays cool even in the hottest weather.Before We Start: What Does The Coolant Do?Before we dive into the question of evaporation, let's briefly understand the role of coolant in your vehicle's cooling system. Coolant, a mixture of antifreeze and water, plays a crucial role in maintaining the engine's temperature. It absorbs heat generated during combustion and transfers it away from the engine to prevent overheating.The Evaporation DilemmaGiven that coolant contains water, you might be curious about whether it can evaporate in hot weath ... read more

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