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Car A/C Repair in Acworth, GA

An automotive air conditioning system keeps your vehicle's interior atmosphere fresh by cooling or heating the air, depending on the temperatures. Furthermore, you need a functional A/C system to keep the air fresh and clean. However, with a failing A/C system, your ride quality becomes compromised. It would be best to find a professional auto care shop to keep your air conditioning functioning correctly at all times.

KAMS Auto Service Center is dedicated to providing high-quality car A/C repair in Acworth, GA. We are a family-owned and managed automotive repair shop with a friendly and professional atmosphere. We have a 14-bay garage staffed with trained and knowledgeable technicians who can repair air conditioning issues in any car model, whether it's a domestic, foreign, or hybrid vehicle. All of them are ASE-Master-Certified, therefore, you're guaranteed to get reliable and long-lasting A/C repairs.

Symptoms of a Failing A/C System

If you notice your car exhibiting the following signs, then it's time to take your vehicle for professional car A/C repair in Acworth, GA:

  • Odd Sounds When the A/C Is On
  • Moisture Leaks On the Condenser
  • Inability of The A/C System to Cool the Air
  • Mold/Mildew Smells Coming From Vents
  • No Air Comes From Vents

At KAMS Auto Service Center, we have the equipment and tools needed to handle your car’s A/C repairs - big or small. We've also invested in specialized machines to fix issues with A/C systems using 1234YF refrigerants. A/C repairs sometimes require refrigerant removal. Once we've evacuated the refrigerant, our technician will attach the automated machine to test for moisture leaks within the system using pressure. In case of leaks, we'll fix them immediately for a functional and efficient A/C system.

Whereas other auto care shops in Acworth, GA, offer a year's warranty on their A/C repair services, KAMS Auto Service Center provides clients with a hassle-free 36,000-mile/36-month warranty to cater to any issues with the quality of the parts or craftsmanship. Additionally, while you wait for your vehicle, we boast a comfortable waiting area, including complimentary coffee and free Wi-Fi.

If you need car A/C repair in Acworth, GA, bring your vehicle to KAMS Auto Service Center, and we'll be more than glad to serve you.

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