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Monthly Archives: January 2023

What Are CV Joints?

What Are CV Joints?

Did you know that your vehicle’s wheels' performance relies on its constant velocity (CV) joints and axles? It doesn’t matter whether you drive a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicle; CV joints are necessary for proper steering, braking, and overall driving of your vehicle. They can be found at the ends of the drive shafts. CV joints support the weight of your vehicle and play a pivotal role in bringing engine power to your wheels. The CV joint and axles are prone to wear out over time. If they break, you should not drive your vehicle at all. To ensure your older vehicle doesn’t give out, we recommend getting a visual inspection of the CV axles, CV joint, and the surrounding areas to keep you and your passengers safe. What Are the Signs of Bad CV Joints?  Knocking, clicking, grinding sound Vibrations while driving Leaks Tear on boot If your CV joint and axles fail, it is super risky to drive. You run the chances of losing complete control of t ... read more

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