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The Importance of Getting Your Oil Changed

The Importance of Getting Your Oil Changed


A car’s engine is made up of many different parts. In order for the engine to run properly, all those parts need to remain lubricated. This is why it is important for there to be oil in the engine. Over time, the oil breaks down and collects dust, dirt, and debris making it contaminated and not able to properly do its job. 


Making oil changes a part of your car care routine will help the engine continue to work properly and prevent costly repairs down the road. Below are a few reasons why oil changes are important for both you and your car: 


  1. Maintains engine lubrication. All of the different parts of the engine move at very high rates of speed frequently. These parts create heat and will wear down if they are not properly lubricated. You can refer to the owner’s manual to find out the specific weight and grade of oil your vehicle requires.


  1. Keeps the engine components cool. Without proper lubrication, all of the moving parts create friction and creates heat. With the proper amount of oil this can easily be prevented so that the engine doesn’t overheat. 


  1. Promotes vehicle longevity. There is no denying the fact that routine maintenance makes your vehicle last longer. Not getting your oil changed results in build up and makes the engine parts work harder. When a car over works, it ends up having more problems down the road. 


  1. Improves gas mileage. Lack of engine lubrication can cause an increase in fuel consumption, so it is important to maintain enough clean oil in the engine. 


Although it is possible to perform an oil change personally, it can be a real hassle. Come to KAMS Auto for affordable and convenient routine maintenance and repairs.


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