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How to Tailgate Safely This Fall

It's that time of year for traveling to watch your favorite football, basketball, or hockey team. Tailgating is a long-time tradition that brings friends and families together for delicious food and fun before a sporting event begins. When we hear tailgating, most people think of it taking place at a stadium or arena. However, tailgating can take place for those dedicated fans in their hometown! So whether you're at your at the game or you're just grilling up at a residence, please remember these tailgating safety tips:

  1. This rule applies to those at the game, where there are large crowds of thousands of people. If you're driving around a tailgating area, please be very careful of your surroundings. There are going to be a lot of pedestrians, including children. 
  2. A lot of drinking takes place before sporting events. Please be sure to have a designated driver to take you and your loved ones home safely. 
  3. You're probably going to use cameras to take pictures and speakers to blare music. Make sure that you take portable chargers with you to avoid dealing with a dead device by the end of the event. 
  4. Exercise caution when cooking near your vehicle. If you brought a grill with you, practice fire safety. You're surrounded by gasoline-powered vehicles, so it could end up very badly if you aren't careful.
  5. Try to avoid using or carrying glass items during a tailgate. Broken glass on the ground can be very hazardous for others. It can even pop one of your tires on the way out of the lot.
  6. Please do not leave any valuable items inside your vehicle during a sporting event. 

If you're planning on participating in a tailgate this fall, please remember to follow the steps we listed above. They will ensure you're safe and having fun at the same time! We invite you to bring your car to KAMS Auto Service Center before the big game for all your auto maintenance and repair needs.


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