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How Often Should I Be Measuring My Car's Tire Pressure

It doesn't require an automotive expert to know that air expands in higher temperatures and contracts in colder temperatures. As a result of this phenomenon, vehicle owners should regularly check the air in their tires. There are various ways to check tire pressure, including the traditional gauge tool. Most gas stations will also have a measure and refill air station that you can use.

Most drivers see the most noticeable tire fluctuations in winter, as the cold temperatures can cause the pressure to drop by as much as five psi, which is pretty drastic. Plus, driving on under-inflated tires is considered unsafe. Not only can it increase your risk of an accident, but it can cause uneven wear and premature tire wear.

As the seasons come and go, you may wonder how often you should check the air in your tires.


How Often Should You Check Tire Pressure

As the seasons affect the pressure of your tires, you may be wondering how often you should be checking the pressure. The answer may vary depending on the season. Given that the fluctuations in psi are more dramatic in the colder months, we recommend checking your tire pressure at least once a month in the winter. The warmer weather doesn't have as much of an impact as cold temperatures, which is why going a little bit beyond a month is fine. 

All in all, it would be safe to say that you should check your tire pressure once a month.


When adjusting your tires' air pressure, you must always follow the recommendation listed by your automaker. You can find the specific numbers on a sticker in the driver's doorjamb or the owner's manual.


If you need assistance checking your tires and refilling them, please do not hesitate to come by KAMS Auto Service Center for a tire check-up.

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