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Driving Habits That You Should Quit Now

Most of us have all had our fair share of mishaps behind the wheel. We have habits that are sometimes difficult to break, and sometimes we don't even recognize that they are wrong because they come so easily to us. You may have gotten away with doing a handful of things, like talking on the phone, eating, or not signaling, but what happens when you don't? You are taking the chance of getting into an accident or even majorly injured. If you are on the road daily, we encourage you to please practice safe driving practices!



  • Speaking excessively or loudly to passengers
  • Talking or texting on your phone*
  • Driving with headphones on*
  • Eating or drinking (non-alcoholic) beverages 
  • One-handed driving
  • Not signaling when switching lanes, turning, or parking*
  • Riding the tail end of other vehicles on the road*
  • Not buckling up or using your seatbelt*
  • Speeding*
  • Fidgeting with sound and temperature controls
  • Looking in the mirror, fixing hair, or doing makeup
  • Reaching for an item on the floor or backseat

All of the activities mentioned above are bad practices that most automobile drivers are guilty of at one point or another. How many times have you been guilty of doing these things? The next time you step foot inside your car, please think about this list. What's worse is that roughly half of the habits we mentioned above are illegal in most states in the US. Not only can you prevent a costly and hurtful collision, but you can dodge a hefty ticket too. 


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