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Common Causes of Misaligned Wheels

A professional wheel alignment is essential when it comes to safe vehicle handling. All of your car's wheels need to be pointing in the right direction at the right angles in order for your car to travel straight. They also need to be aligned to avoid premature wear. When you drive with bad wheel alignment, your tires will wear down fast and unevenly, and you may experience difficulty steering or handling your vehicle. This is why mechanics advise that you take care of wheel alignment as soon as an issue is detected. Several things can force your wheels out of alignment. They are typically related to poor driving habits, bad weather, and unsuitable road conditions. 

What Can Cause Misaligned Wheels? 

  • Driving over potholes
  • Hitting curbs or road debris
  • Minor vehicle collisions
  • Bad shocks and struts or other suspension parts
  • Vehicle mods such as lifting

What Are the Symptoms of Misalignment?

If your wheels are not pointing straight, you may notice one or more of the following warning signs: 

  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Car shakes or vibrates 
  • Overall bumpy ride
  • Uneven or excessive tire wear
  • Crooked or uneven steering wheel

Having routine wheel alignments completed will keep your tires in excellent condition, saving you money year after year. You'll also achieve better fuel efficiency, increase performance, and protect your vehicle's suspension parts from wear and tear.


If you are experiencing the symptoms of misaligned wheels, please bring your vehicle to the alignment experts at KAMS Auto Service Center. The sooner you get your alignment done, the less damage you'll do to your beloved vehicle. 

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