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7 Reasons You Should Get Your Wheels Aligned

7 Reasons You Should Get Your Wheels Aligned | KAMS Auto Service Center

While driving your beloved four-wheeled companion, have you ever found yourself fighting with the steering wheel, as if it had a mind of its own and was hell-bent on veering off course? Or perhaps you've noticed that despite being relatively frugal, you're visiting the gas station more often than friends and family gathering on holidays. These signs aren't just quirky car habits; they're cries for help – specifically, cries for a wheel alignment.

Here are seven convincing reasons why getting your wheels aligned is not just for the fastidious car enthusiast but an essential part of vehicle maintenance that deserves your attention:

1. Steers You Straight

An obvious yet critical benefit is improved steering. If your car naturally pulls to one side or if the steering wheel remains at an angle while driving straight, it's a clear indication that something isn't right. An alignment will correct this pull and keep you on the straight and narrow without constantly adjusting the wheel.

2. Longevity For Your Rubber

Tires are expensive – there's no way around it – and uneven wear caused by misaligned wheels makes them wear out faster. This means premature shopping trips for new tires (and lighter wallets). Get those wheels aligned regularly to ensure uniform tire wear and elongate their useful life.

3. The Gas Gauge Dilema

Poor alignment can cause increased rolling resistance - in layman's terms, your car has to work harder to move forward. This means burning up more fuel and spending more money over time (not what we want in today's economy). Aligning those wheels equals better gas mileage, equating to less wincing at the pump.

4. Makes Kerbs Your Comrades

Hit a curb hard or enjoy taking speed bumps like an action movie hero? Those activities often lead to misaligned suspension components, which result in misaligned wheels.

5. Making Driving Comfortable

A misalignment doesn't just impact your vehicle; it can take a toll on you, too! The necessity to constantly adjust steers creates unnecessary discomfort during driving, which could lead to back pain or worse– carpal tunnel syndrome from manhandling that rebellious steering wheel!

6. Savor The Smoothness

Vibrations in the steering wheel aren't just annoying; they're harbingers of alignment issues as well. Getting back into alignment will smooth out your ride, making long road trips much more enjoyable rather than feeling like you're navigating through turbulence.

7. Safety Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless

Last but most importantly – safety! Properly aligned wheels provide safer handling, which becomes crucial when making sudden maneuvers to avoid potholes or obstacles on the road (unfortunately, common occurrences). Keeping cars appropriately aligned helps prevent accidents and keeps everyone on board safe.

So next time you think about skipping that recommended wheel alignment from your faithful mechanic, thinking, 'It'll be alright,' reconsider! That's why we invite you to visit KAMS Auto Service Center for an inspection and, if needed, alignment - ensuring a smooth and safe drive!

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